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PDP’s philosophy is ‘People Deceiving People’, Oshiomhole warns Ndigbo

PDP’s philosophy is ‘People Deceiving People’, Oshiomhole warns Ndigbo

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has accused the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP, of deceiving Ndigbo for 16 years from 1999 to 2015.

APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole

Oshiomhole who stated this in Umuahia, Abia State during the flag off of the campaign of the APC governorship candidate Dr. Uche Ogah alleged that the basic problems the South East was caused by the deceit of the PDP.

He urged Ndigbo to vote President Muhammadu Buhari and make the state’s contingent to federal government stronger by voting in Dr. Orji Uzor-Kalu, Sen. Nkechi Nwaogu and Chief Sir Marc Wabara for Abia North, Abia Central and Abia South senatorial positions.

“The philosophy of the PDP is ‘People Deceiving People.’ No part of Nigeria has remained more loyal to the PDP than the South East States. You’ve voted for them for over 16 years or they rigged themselves in. All they keep doing is deceit.
“My friend and brother, who is the immediate past president of this country, Goodluck Jonathan, whenever he’s coming to the South East his name changes from Jonathan to Azikiwe with Ebele. The aim was simply to deceive the Igboman. Why will I change my name because of politics? We are not chameleons. We want to be known for what we are.

“With PDP in power, the People of South East and South South suffered so much every year of celebration at Old Niger Bridge. Population has tripled, but road network remains same. At the eve of every election, the PDP will do a groundbreaking of second Niger Bridge. Each time they break the bridge, the ground became even weaker. Today, president Buhari without changing his name to Azikiwe has already started delivering the vision of the Zikis by constructing the second Niger Bridge.

“To PDP it is many years for the liars, 2019 for the people of truth. I’ve had you say you don’t have light; the PDP has questions to answer. But you can pay them back by switching their lights in the forthcoming elections.

Just look at the way the PDP privatized power; they shared it to discos of their brothers and sisters. They signed agreement for 20 years making it difficult for any government to change the backyard contract they signed.

The APC national chairman called Abia people to vote Ogah for governor and explained that with him as governor and Buhari as president, every obstacle to sustainable power supply in Nigeria would be removed

Speaking on the activities of a faction of the APC in Abia led by Chief Ikechi Emenike, Oshiomhole said, “We conducted Direct Primaries that democratically elected Dr. Sampson Uche Ogah. Anyone who said he belongs to APC and goes ahead to collect money from PDP to questions the process that produce Uche Ogah is an agent of the PDP.

“As a party we are not in doubt as to who was nominated. Ikechi Emenike is fighting for PDP. We disown him today, tomorrow and forever. It’s very dangerous for anyone to carry broom in the money and go to the state governor at night to collect money to keep APC busy in the court, God will keep him busy.”

Former governor, Dr. Orji Uzor-Kalu urged Abia people to vote out PDP and enthrone committed government.

“When I was Governor, salaries were paid promptly. There was free education. I built this stadium. Today our University is dead. Today we have debtor as governor. T A Orji wasted 8 years and left Abia this way. We will make a change.

“We will elect Buhari with 70 percent vote. We will elect Ogah. He is is a business man like me. We will pay salaries and pensions. No new roads in Aba and Umuahia 12 years after I left. Today no road leads to Abia because of people like Ikpeazu.”

The APC governorship candidate, Dr. Uche Ogah thanked Oshiomhole for introducing the direct Primaries that made him the governorship candidate of the party. He assured the people of the state that he will not abandon them if elected as governor.

“I’ll use two years to expose 20 years of PDP misgovernance. We shall use barely two years to tell you that there’s money in Abia. I promise that I’ll not abandon you.”

Posted by: Mac Anthony


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