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    Husband Hangs Himself Just Days After Celebrating 1st Wedding Anniversary... You Won't Believe Why

    Husband Hangs Himself Just Days After Celebrating 1st Wedding Anniversary... You Won't Believe Why

    A husband hanged himself after a row with his wife just days before they were due to start IVF to have a baby together.

    Jack Gilbert, 28, was found dead days after he and wife Gemma celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

    An inquest heard the father-of-one from Cheadle, was having marriage difficulties after the stress of beginning the treatment and starting a new job.

    Wife Gemma, who is in her 20s, had suffered three miscarriages, but the pair were still keen on starting a family together.

    In a statement to the inquest into Jack's death, Gemma said: "We had a few ups and downs, we were trying for a baby.

    "In February 2018 we lost a baby and Jack left home for three days and would not answer my calls or texts. On July 3 2018 we argued again and he called me names and checked my phone.

    "I told him he had no right. I said something like 'go get it out your system' and told him to come back when we were on the same wavelength.

    "I met him in the pub though and he seemed happy to see me. He seemed really happy though.
    "When we were leaving, I told him that my brother was angry about the way he had been treating me. He was really angry and just went back into the pub."

    She added: "I spoke to him the following morning and we argued. I spent the day with a friend and wanted to clear my head for a bit. I didn't find out that he died until I turned my phone on at about 11pm. He never gave any indication that he would harm himself.

    "We had only just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and were hoping to start our own family."
    Mr Gilbert, who worked as a joiner, had just landed a new contract and was due to be starting a new job.

    The couple had just celebrated their wedding anniversary

    An inquest heard that other than a short spell of depressions as a teenager, he had never reported to family or friends that he had suffered problems with his mental health.

    His mother, Michelle Mulvihill, said that while he and his wife had been going through ups and downs she believed none of the arguments were sufficient for Mr Gilbert to take his own life.

    However, on July 4 last year she discovered her son hanged in the family bathroom.

    "I didn't know of any problems with his mental health as he was always a very happy person - he was known for his smile," she told a hearing at Stockport Coroner's Court.

    "There had been arguments between he and his wife and they were due to start IVF treatment the following week. "

    The court heard that on July 3, last year, Mr Gilbert had gone to stay with his mother following a row with his partner and and headed to the pub with friends to watch the World Cup match between England and Colombia.

    "He text me later to say 'my suitcase is at yours for good now' but I just assumed it was one of those ups and downs, " said Mulvihill.

    During the course of the evening, Mr Gilbert met up with his wife in the pub and appeared to be in good spirits, the court was told.

    However, when she went to look for him the following morning, Mr Gilbert's mother found him in the bathroom having hanged himself.

    Paramedics were called to the address but Mr Gilbert was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Toxicology tests showed that Mr Gilbert had consumed low levels of alcohol and a 'recreational' amount of cocaine - most likely within the last 12 hours of his life.

    Toxicologist Julie Evans said the side effects of cocaine could have played a part in Mr Gilbert's state of mind in the hours leading up to his death.

    Recording a narrative conclusion, south Manchester Coroner Chris Morris said the threshold to conclude that Mr Gilbert had committed suicide had not been met.

    He said that the lack of evidence relating to a specific intention or ongoing depression as well as the effects of cocaine, meant he could not confirm a 'sustained intention' to bring about the end of his life.

    Following the inquest, Mr Gilbert's devastated family paid tribute to their 'lovely' son and described him as a 'brilliant' dad.

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