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    Kidnapped Polytechnic Founder Narrates Ordeal After Regaining Freedom. Photo

    Kidnapped Polytechnic Founder Narrates Ordeal After Regaining Freedom. Photo

    According to reports, the abducted founder and proprietor of the Southern Atlantic Polytechnic, Uyo, Pastor Bassey James, has regained his freedom from his abductors after 7 days.

    Pastor Bassey James and Publisher of Radar, Franklyn Isong

    Pastor James who was kidnapped on Sunday, November 25, 2018, from his school along Airport road in Uyo, by about 25 unknown gunmen at about 7pm, regained freedom on Saturday, December 1, 2018, at about 9pm when he was dropped off along the Airport road in Uyo by the gang.

    He recounted his ordeals in the hands of his abductors when he paid an unscheduled thank you visit to the publisher of Radar Newspaper, Otuekong Franklyn Isong, today, Monday, December 3, 2018, to thank Radar Newspaper for breaking the news of his abduction in the online version of the paper, which, according to him, contributed to his quick release by his abductors.

    He said that he was blindfolded and taken to an unknown location, which, according to him, he only heard his abductors, describing the place as “Ibaka in Oron,” and thereafter taken to a waiting speedboat and driven through the sea to another unknown location which, again, he heard them called the forest “Cameroon forest.”

    The Polytechnic founder declined comment on whether he paid any ransom to the kidnappers to regain his freedom.

    He told Radar Newspaper that the youth were polite to him, saying they all spoke Ibibio language to him. He said the youth requested him to use his connections in the society to ask governments at all levels to create jobs in Akwa Ibom State, Niger Delta and Nigeria for the unemployed youth of the country.

    He noted that the youth were particular about the development of Akwa Ibom state, stating that he could have been kidnapped probably for a statement to be made by his abductors who were all youth of Akwa Ibom state, that the youth were not satisfied with the political class.

    He asserted that his abductors were emphasising on peace, unity and
    development of Akwa Ibom state and Niger Delta region.

    He said he refused to eat their food within the first 24 hours of his abduction until he was pressurised to eat. He said he was treated fairly, though, throughout his abduction, he was blindfold and kept in the thick forest under their watch for 7 days.

    He said his phones, driver’s phone and workers’ phones were seized by his abductors before his abduction.

    He said that the kidnappers came to the school premises where construction works were still going on, asking to see him, pretending to have a business with him but, the moment they saw him, they started shooting sporadically into the air.

    He said while in the forest, though, blindfolded, he held several prayer sessions with them, advising and counseling them to shun crime while, he promised to advocate for the convocation of “youth conference on economic development and job creation for youth,”by the government, in order to address the unemployment issue in the society.

    He said his abduction was not politically motivated as he is not a politician and has no political ambition, he added that it was also not connected to any of his businesses as he had never entered into any partnership venture with anyone, saying he is not owing anyone a kobo on account of his businesses.

    He told Radar newspaper that the youth who were all of Ibibio stock, also sought for peace and unity of Ibibio people and peace in Akwa Ibom state.

    He thanked the Police and other security agencies for their swift responses when information of his kidnap got to them.

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