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    Shocking Revelation Why Mbaise In Imo State is Called Dangerous Than Snake


    Back in the 1980's, Kabaka, a popular musician released a song that said :"Any one who sees a snake and an Mbaise man should first kill Mbaise man before killing the snake".

    Kabaka was a member of "Oriental Brother's", a reigning High Life musical group. The group was made up o​​f five popular musicians namely : Kabaka, Dr Sir Worrior, Ichita, Aquila and Dan Satch. 

    Kabaka was from Owerri and the other four were from Mbaise.

    The Oriental Brother's Group operated a joint Account in a popular Bank. Kabaka who was from  Owerri  went from behind to withdraw huge sum of money from the Account without the consent of the others. Because it was against the agreed standing instruction, the Bank refused releasing money to him but rather alerted the 4 others. 

    The group felt betrayed and were aggrieved. They agreed to seize all the group's money and properties. 

    kabaka did not show any remorse or ask for forgiveness. He rather moved from one Mbaise traditional ruler or prominent man to another protesting the decision of the group. The Elders in their kind-minded nature advised their sons. The group showed respect and decided to share some money and properties to him. 

    Later on, Dr Sir Warrior made a business trip abroad. On coming back to Nigeria he heard rumours every where that he was dead. He released an album titled :Anyi gwara onye si anyi agaghi abia ozo, ala Owerri anyi abiakwala ozo". In English means "who did we tell that we will not come again, Owerri land we are back again"

    Kabaka, occupied with guilty conscience hastily released an album titled  " Any one who sees a snake and an Mbaise man should first kill Mbaise man before killing the snake". The album was banned from the marked and destroyed to the last copy. But the wrong notion lingered. You and i know that false information spreads faster than the truth. 

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