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    O.M.G.! Ladies Secure Your Undies Boys Are Not Smiling

    A story has been trending of the latest very heinous crime going on especially in Warrior recently. And ladies has been advised to always make sure the see that they guide their undies to avoid being a victim of the latest "money rituals" format the so called yahoo boys in town now are using to become rich leaving their victims in a life misery.

    According to one Facebook user who shared this recent criminal caught red handed in Warri stealing ladies pant and selling it to these so called yahoo boys.

    He wrote

    "Ladies secure your undies boys are not smiling

    Abraka, Oghara, Warri, Ughelli, Asaba, Jesse, Sapele etc too many Lexus, Benz and other exotic cars are being driven by young people who neither work in Central Bank of Nigeria, NNPC, Chevron or Shell whose parents stays in rented apartment with zero kobo in their bank accounts.

     Some of these young people do not even have the requisite communication skills and the intellectual capacity that is required to excel in internet fraud or 'yahoo yahoo' as it is locally called. What is happening? Sordid tales of ritual related murder of innocent girls, women and children are being traced to different parts of Delta State.

    What is happening? Everyday you sing "If you nor drive Benz, wetin you gain?", but must you kill to drive the Benz?

    This is the new yahoo business in town.
    Collect your pants at gun point.
    Stealing lady's pants and selling it for #200000/350000.
      You marry no child.
      You're beautiful no husband.
      Any man that sleep with you become poor.
      Lady's please secure your undies

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